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Dr. Greg T. Hurtado

Honolulu General and Cosmetic Dentist in Waipahu

Offering gentle family dental care and quality cosmetic dentistry services

Honolulu General and Cosmetic Dentist in Waipahu Dr. Greg Hurtado


8555 Fletcher Parkway Suite 102, LaMesa, CA 91942


1 (619) 337-7000



We are proud to be able to serve the people of Honolulu and beyond, and believe that we can help you achieve your dental goals and desires by providing outstanding service using the latest in dental technology. Our team is skilled and passionate about dentistry and is thrilled to help each person that comes through our door, young or old and love to see entire families getting the care they need. At Hurtado Dental we offer a wide range of dental services designed to help you maintain and increase the quality of your oral health. If you have a problem with your smile that you would like to correct, we can help – we offer a full line of cosmetic dentistry services! Some of the cosmetic dentistry services we offer include teeth whitening, dental veneers, dental crowns as well as other cosmetic dentistry options. One of the very best ways for us to help you achieve your dental goals is by offering a variety of general and family dentistry services with a lifetime of beautiful smiles in mind. Some of our general and family dentistry services include tooth colored fillings, teeth cleanings, exams, preventative care/dental hygiene instruction, and even more.Print

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